About Humanode Biomapper

What is Humanode Biomapper

Biomapper is an on-chain private facial recognition tool that ensures that a person verified only one Ethereum-compatible address in the Dapp. It was created as a response to Sybil attacks - attempts to trick the rating systems in web3 using multiple accounts and automated bots.


All a user has to do is to accept the terms and privacy policy, go through 15 seconds of facial recognition and then execute the smart contract, paying a small fee, usually under 1$ in the network’s tokens.


Unlike KYC solutions, the user doesn't need to share any documents or personal data. The original video feed/photo never leaves the user’s device. Anonymised biometric data is encrypted locally on the device, and then sent to the Confidential Virtual Machine (CVM) which is able to compare the new user against all who registered previously. No one has access to the data inside the CVM ensuring privacy of anonymised facial data.


Humanode has unmatched accuracy levels. The false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1-to-n search and matching operations is 1 in 125 million. There are over 60 machine learning and other types of modules dedicated to liveness detection which make sure that the video feed of the user is real, not a deep fake or injected video, with the false acceptance rate of 1 in 100 thousand. Currently the bounty for a successful attempt of a Sybil attack is $600,000 which no one was able to claim in the last 3 years.